Colon Hydrotherapy/Holistic Health Coach

Nancy Britos-Bray, CCT, CHHC

Nancy is a Certified Colon Therapist who graduated from the American Institute of Natural Health in Phoenix, Arizona. She completed her clinical training in Palm Desert, California under the direction of Deb McMahon, RN. She exclusively uses the HydroSans Plus hydrotherapy unit, which is state of the art technology. This unit is FDA approved and provides a closed system treatment.  This system ensures your dignity, comfort and cleanliness, and you will be assured a soothing, healing experience. Nancy believes only once we clear our systems of accumulated waste and toxins, can we begin the process of a healthier lifestyle.  Her goal is to make you feel your absolute best! 


In addition, Nancy continued her education with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a trained Holistic Health Coach.  The role of a Health Coach is to guide you through lifes stubbling blocks.  The ones that may be preventing you from the life you have always dreamed of.  Nancy does this by assisting you with nutrition guidelines and lifestyle changes.  She also brings her life experiences and an open heart to her work, and in turn, helps people to explore inner and outer wellness.

When Nancy is not at work, she is exploring and camping with her husband and 2 dogs, or spending time with her grandson.


Contact Nancy at 443-800-5600 with any questions you may have.

For more information visit her website at