Tiffani is the owner and operator of Surreal Wellness. She has been officially practicing Massage Therapy since 2018 thanks to Cortiva Institute's Baltimore School of Massage. In reality, she has been a Massage Therapist her entire life. She absolutely loves what she does!

When younger, Tiffani would massage her family and friends just for fun. Even when she would hug someone, she would close it with a mini back rub before letting go. One of Tiffani's favorite things to hear from returning clients is how much she has helped them to feel so much better from whatever issue brought them to her to begin with. 

Tiffani's goal is to eventually venture into specialities in Prenatal Massage and Doula services. Fun fact about Tiffani: she is a mom of 5! She has 4 daughters and a stepson from ages 3-15. Tiffani understands what the mother's body goes through as she is creating a new life to bring into the this world. She is honored to be someone that can help a new mother get through the process with comfort and relaxation through prenatal massages and eventually getting to meet her bundle of joy when delivered!

Although her professional service years are young, Tiffani's passion for this industry make up for it and she is honored to work with you for your therapeutic relaxation requirements. 

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