Anne Louise is an independent Licensed Massage Therapist of more than 20 years and a wellness provider on staff at GBMC's Department of Obstetrics and Parent Education. Along with her professional training, Anne integrates her deep personal connections to the land and nature into her work. Over the last two years, she has had an internship in the medicinal herb program with Fox Haven Farm in Frederick, MD which has been an invaluable source of inspiration and has greatly expanded the range of her holistic practices.

Anne's focus is creating a space that promotes synergy between humans and their environment, cultivating personal wellness and environmental wellbeing. She integrates wellness techniques that work with the rhythms of the body, such as craniosacral therapy and energy work, along with medicinal herbs and tinctures that were grown and harvested with intention. Anne looks forward to helping you on your journey to a place of strength and calm through therapeutic approaches including body work and caniosacral massage along with reiki and herbal remedies. 



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