Jefferson is a dedicated partner in healing who will listen deeply, meet you where you are, and support your highest and best. He is here to support you on your healing journey whether it be on the Body, Mind or Spirit level. 

Jefferson believes wholeheartedly in our innate ability to heal ourselves. He has helped people with a wide variety of concerns, among them: chronic illness, sports injuries, allergies, anxiety, depression, migraine headaches, anger, grief, sadness, excessive worry, digestive issues, acute & chronic pain, breathing difficulties, as well as physical and emotional trauma. 

Jefferson's path to the present moment has been diverse and wonderfully fulfilling. He discovered acupuncture as a patient over 30 years ago. Eventually, it would dawn on him that being a practitioner of acupuncture would allow him to use his wide range of experience and learning in the treatment room to help others feel better and live life more fully. His experience includes photojournalism, fine arts, theatre, film and television acting, home renovation and custom carpentry as well as teaching in the acupuncture program at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH). Jefferson also writes a monthly column for the Emmitsburg (MD) News Journal. 

Jefferson has earned graduate degrees in photography from Maryland Institute: College of Art, acting from the American Repertory Theatre Institute for Advance Theatre Study at Harvard University, applied healing arts from Tai Sophia Institute and acupuncture from MUIH. He continues his studies in qigong, medical qigong and Chinese medicine with Dr. Nan Lu who is a grandmaster of Wu Ming Qigong and the founder of the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation in New York City. 

In addition to working at Heart's Gate Wellness, Jefferson practices at the Healing Arts Center in Gettysburg, PA. 




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